Energy Management Consulting

The costs of procuring natural gas, district heating and electricity account for a hefty proportion of the operating costs in any property, irrespective of its asset class. Optimization of electricity, natural gas and district heating supply contracts is a central element of what we do every day to reduce operating costs in real estate portfolios. We established the Westbridge Process as a benchmark for optimization in this area.
Smart Meter
The liberalization of metering services – a cost item found on every natural gas and electricity bill – offers property owners an outstanding opportunity to establish professional reporting structures for energy consumption throughout a portfolio. There are still excellent options to simplify the process significantly in this area, reducing the administrative overheads and the susceptibility to errors in the operating costs bill.
Current and potential tenants view the utility costs associated with a property as increasingly significant. Here, Westbridge offers its clients the option of building an electricity pool that allows each tenant to purchase electricity at a preferential rate. The entire process is handled by Westbridge: Building the electricity pool, savings’ analyses for tenants, communication with the provider and the complete contract management.
The market of metering service providers is extraordinarily heterogeneous for large and small real estate portfolios alike. Westbridge manages registration of all service and metering points and collaborates with the client to develop a bespoke tendering strategy. Once one or several providers have been contracted, Westbridge manages the change process and handles communication between the client and the service provider.
Management of the technical energy infrastructure, for instance transformers or customer systems, is frequently neglected and the significant potential for optimization disregarded. Westbridge analyzes the real estate portfolio to identify potential and advises its clients in determining the best solution for each property in the individual case. Implementation of this solution is planned and managed by Westbridge, through to final commissioning.


Facility Management Consulting

The facility management consulting team consists exclusively of experienced experts from a broad range of disciplines. Our colleagues advise clients in all areas of facility management and operator responsibility.

on the status of operator responsibilities and service quality within facility management
  • Auditing of services and management performance
  • Review of the implementation and execution documentation
  • Assessment of the system condition
  • Check of compliance with operator responsibilities, laws, regulations and ordinances
  • Action plans to optimize services and costs
on operator concepts and sourcing strategies
  • Maintenance strategy
  • Cost and service optimization
  • Delegation of operator responsibilities
  • Service management
in the management of real estate and technical systems; modelling of all billable operating cost groups
  • Structure and process organization
  • Transparency & optimization of the management processes
  • Budgets and investment planning
  • Vulnerability analyses
of facility management services and maintenance contracts
  • Consolidation of service provider groups
  • Structuring of follow-on processes
  • Optimization of specifications, contractual structures and terms
  • Tendering concepts and market surveys
  • Bid assessments and bidder interviews
  • Audit-proof documentation
  • Accompaniment and support of the start-up phase
in facility management
  • Industrial Safety Regulation (BetrSichV 2015)
  • Basics of facility management
  • Operator responsibility in facility management (GEFMA 190 / VDI 3810 sheet 1.1)
  • Practical services management for owners and asset managers
  • Maintenance strategy and planning seminar


Six standardized, transparent and comprehensible steps toward OPTIMIZED energy procurements

Portfolio and potential analysis
Registration and analysis of the current services, price and contract structures, as well as analysis of potential savings at property and portfolio level.
Development of a tendering strategy
Screening and definition of participants; preparation of the term sheet for services, quality standards, processes and contractual terms.
Structuring and management of the tender procedure
Round 1:
Transparent assessment and rating of the indicative bids and the term sheet, as well as identification of the final bidders. Structuring and management of the tender procedure.
Round 2:
Contract and price negotiations with the best bidders; assessments according to a qualitative rating matrix
Organization of the contracting date; interviews with the best bidders; intense, detailed consultation on the final decision; decision on the commercially best bid; contractual review; contracting of the new provider.
Management of the change process
Detailed contractual review in regard to tender terms, as well as support and monitoring of the change process to meet energy management requirements.
Ongoing client support
Continuous monitoring, analysis and contract management; inclusion and exclusion of properties from contracts; executive summary for properties in case of sale; reporting, decision memo screening; operative support.