Argentus and Westbridge join forces

Frankfurt/Düsseldorf/Hamburg, 7 Febuary 2022. Argentus GmbH and Westbridge Advisory GmbH, both independent companies specialising in the areas of sustainability and the optimisation of operating costs for properties, are joining forces. The merger will create the leading ESG service provider for the German property sector. At the same time, it will be the first provider on the market to have the capacity and the far-reaching expertise to be able to fully advise the entire sector on both strategic and operational sustainability issues. The merger between Argentus and Westbridge, in combination with the joint venture between Westbridge and agradblue, is a key step towards serving the major customer demand in the segment and helping the industry to achieve its sustainability goals. Westbridge and Argentus will benefit from substantial synergy effects: Investors, portfolio managers, owners, asset managers and property managers – every participant in the property industry who is planning to prepare their properties for the future will benefit from a one-stop shop that ultimately combines the complementary expertise of both companies. “Throughout Europe, portfolio managers and owners are facing the major challenge of making their portfolios climate-neutral – and we are the right people to speak to from A to Z. From energy and operating cost management to all sustainability and ESG issues. Thanks to our expertise, we can help others to make the right economic and ecological decisions,” says Christopher Feliks, Managing Partner of Westbridge Advisory GmbH. Simon Szpyrka, Managing Partner of Argentus GmbH, said: “Together, we form the perfect team to embed the crucially important subject of sustainability in the minds of decision-makers. The regulations show us that anyone who doesn’t get on board of the sustainability train soon is running the risk of not getting where they’re going.” Managing Partner of Westbridge, Rüdiger Salzmann said: “Simon, my co-founders Christopher and Patrick and I have known each other since our youth, and we are looking forward to working together as a team. Together, our combined team counts more than 100 sustainability experts. The merger will leave us ideally positioned to successfully handle even complex problems for our customers. More than ever, we are able to substantially accelerate our customers along the path to the decarbonisation of their property portfolios.” Moving forward, the operational companies will be headed by the managing directors Ralf F. Bode, Hajo Engelke, Christopher Feliks, Patrick Kämpfner, Rüdiger Salzmann, Daniel Schwab, Simon Szpyrka and Sandra Zengerling. Dr Konrad Jerusalem, the co-founder and Managing Partner of Argentus, will take the merger as an opportunity to withdraw from the day-to-day running of the company. He will continue to support the joint group in an advisory capacity. The European Commission’s carbon targets will not be achieved without substantial energy changes in the building stock. This merger between equals will redefine the market in the field of sustainability consulting and the optimisation of operating costs for the property sector.    About Argentus GmbH As a leading consultancy for the property sector, Argentus assists and guides its customers in all asset classes on their path to sustainable building management in Germany. The company has also extended its range to other European markets in the ten years since it was founded. The services that Argentus provides include commercial and technical energy management – from pan-European green energy sourcing and energy efficiency analysis to the digitalisation of consumption data tracking. Real estate consulting with expertise in the areas of facility and property management and due diligence for incidental costs. And finally end-to-end sustainability management, combining services in the field of energy management and real estate consulting with holistic sustainability strategies on the basis of international ESG criteria.   About Westbridge Advisory GmbH Westbridge Advisory GmbH is an independent consulting firm specialising in the optimisation of operating costs for property portfolios and in facility and energy management consulting. Based in Frankfurt, the company assists investors and portfolio managers in the operational development of ESG strategies and implements the “E” – environment – with its operating cost efficiency expertise and its many years of experience in the property sector. The aim of its consulting services, which are performed according to a standardised process model, is to facilitate the efficient, transparent and sustainable organisation of operating costs and to ultimately increase the value of properties.