Westbridge Advisory GmbH

Operating cost expertise for holistic advice.


We have been active on the market since mid-2015 and can already look back on a raft of successful projects. Our team of experts is now nineteen-strong, offering profound experience in operating cost optimization, facility management consulting and real estate management. A quick glance at our full range of services reveals: We are determined to improve property efficiency in the long term.

Our consulting services are independent and transparent. We work according to a standardized process model – from analyzing the portfolio and organizing the tender, to awarding the contract and supporting the new service models. The tenders we organize are audit-proof and can be certified by leading auditing firms.

We focus our services on precisely the areas that are too complex or laborious for our clients to manage themselves, preserving their resources and ensuring they can focus on their own core business. Meanwhile, we concentrate on what we do best: Achieving the best possible value optimization for your portfolio.


Christopher Feliks

Patrick Kämpfner

Rüdiger Salzmann


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